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Friday, 24 April 2009 20:14


 The Bayanihan Team announces the availability of their latest development - BAYANIHAN for Government.

Intended for use in government offices and workstations, this version features commonly used government forms as templates, accessible via the menu. Also included are updates to the software packages typically bundled with Bayanihan such as the K Desktop Environment, productivity suite, Mozilla FireFox web browser, ClamAV antivirus, K3b CD/DVD burning application, Guarddog firewall utility, the MPlayer multimedia player and the XVidCap screen capturing tool. There is also improved support, out of the box, for various wireless devices, peripherals and printers as well as plug and surf capability for popular 3G wireless devices.

Users of this new OS will enjoy a more streamlined and user-friendly graphical installer with default, expert and rescue modes as well as a memory testing utility for checking the system's physical memory. New software packages have also been included in the default installation such as Ekiga for VOIP and videoconferencing, KNetworkManager for automatic configuration of network connections, Gwenview for browsing and categorizing images, the HPLIP utility for easy configuration and detection of supported printers and the Gnash player, an open source SWF player to support Adobe Flash based websites.

Support for installing additional applications from a collection of 18,000 software packages is available via through the Synaptic package manager.

Help improve Bayanihan by sending comments and suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please look forward to the release of Bayanihan 5 Desktop.

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